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Content Killed Writing

“Do you enjoy writing?” A job post with that line attracts budding writers to apply. Once hired, writing becomes a job. Nothing is wrong with that. Content writing had almost become the tele calling of writing till AI saved us. With nearly every college graduate being able to work in this field, business writing has been a billion-dollar industry. Till six months back, content writing was hailed as the best career option of the decade.
Too much content has caused reading burnout. Nonstop inadvertent reading of marketing content for everything leaves no room for pleasure reading. Writing for business kills creative satisfaction. Producing an original article unworthy of anybody’s interest is equally painful as reading it. There is a limit to informational reading and writing. Then there is the lack of expertise and domain knowledge among writers who either don’t have relevant backgrounds or don’t undergo proper industry/product training. They produce serious business content with very little domain information, mainly acquired on the job. AI is the best assistant for these commercial writers. Creative Writers can take their time and hone their skills without AI and with all the human authenticity.

Ipshita Chakraborty


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