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About us

The Daily Life Magazine – TDLM is a global bimonthly magazine (digital) featuring essays, commentaries, and case studies about everyday life. Founded in 2020, the magazine focuses on socio-cultural content, primarily written in literary and creative narrative styles. Through its topical commentaries, the magazine upholds the importance of ‘everyday life,’ calling it the Daily Lifer Movement.

TDLM started as a little magazine to showcase art and innovation-based community engagement projects. Slowly the magazine began publishing essays on the everyday life of people and communities worldwide. With a mix of creative fiction & non-fiction essays, commentaries, and case studies, the magazine offers a wide range of quality reading material.

The magazine received immense positive reviews for its high-quality writing and feel-good reading experience, with readers often expressing interest in writing about their everyday life, magnifying the almost insignificant moments in the most interesting narrative style.

Although the magazine publishes semi-scholarly content, it has established itself as an accessible platform for reading and conversations about culture, art, and community. It presents an extensive collection of essays covering various topics written by staff writers and readers and curated by a talented editorial team.

TDLM is a global magazine with a worldwide readership base and writers from various nationalities and backgrounds. The magazine has teams based in the USA (Boston), Singapore, and India (Kolkata, Pune, Bangalore).

TDLM is perhaps the only magazine that makes its content entirely accessible for free. It allows its readers to earn points through various interactive activities on the platform and thus keep their memberships active for free content.

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Our Sections

Essays & Writings

Essays & Writings present pieces that capture the many thoughts and conversations lost in the drama of life’s significant and more consequential events. The topics of the Essays & Writings section follow a loose structure of themes like Time, Space, and People. Although the definition of everyday includes an overlapping of the three facets, still an essay’s central focus could be a repetitive moment or event (time); a spatial location (space) where the experience unfolds; or a person/group in focus, living the everyday.
This section includes essays that recreate moments from everyday life in scenes or settings similar to those in books, movies, or plays.

Design Lab

Design Lab is conceptualized as a platform for showcasing collaborative and participatory projects that uphold community engagement through art and creativity. The Project Design Lab is grounded in the belief that each community has an everyday story to tell that shapes its culture and builds a community. The section publishes case studies about projects that use artistic or other innovative methods of community engagement that evoke a participatory experience, generating awareness and capacity building surrounding the issue in focus.

Art & More

Art & More focuses on the backstories of the creative processes. First, the pieces in this section try to identify creativity in most objects around us. Second, they explore the inner thoughts and emotions that shape creativity and their spaces and depend upon the immediate surroundings where artists grow their roots to draw nourishment and flourish. The topics cover features and elements of these creative environments that are hardly observable but manifest in the outcome of the creation.

Young Writers

Young Writers section includes writings by talented young writers who also write, among other things. They see the world from perspectives of newness by virtue of their relatively recent entry into the existing scheme of things. Their essays handle the same spaces, times, and people from daily life with sensibilities unique to a particular age group and showcase the everyday world through their eyes.


The ever-growing Features section explores daily staple indulgences written in long literary forms. This section includes topics about everyday habits, sensibilities, behaviors, and lived experiences in daily life, such as daily food, daily tech, daily beauty, daily watching, daily love, daily idling, daily reading, daily subtexts, and more.

Write – Interactive Noteboard

The WRITE interactive noteboard is a place for readers to get active. Other than submitting long-form writings through our SUBMIT page, users can send in their thoughts and ideas through writings of various types and sizes.

Daily Review is a place for readers to submit their reviews about any TDLM essay or article in not more than 33 words.

Through P.O.V, readers can express an extension of their thoughts on any of the topics covered in TDLM writings in 9 or less words.

For writers who are skeptical about the long form and yet want to try their hands at shorter forms of writings, Short Read makes room for them to send in an original writing in not more than 300 words.

All submissions through the WRITE interactive noteboard are published only after review.


Through the PLAY menu we make reading fun for our readers. Every day we generate interactive activities called the Daily Tasks where readers catch a break and answer silly one word questions about daily life, vote, pick and choose, create, share opinions on crucial topics like “cereal first or milk”.