The Daily Life Magazine is an online LITTLE magazine about Everyday Life

Submission Guidelines

Why Contribute

You would want to contribute to The Daily Life Magazine because the smaller things in life catch your attention and you appreciate their significance. You can pen down your observations in dramatic ways and we value that by making room for your writings and ensuring the attention it deserves.


800 to 1200 words.


Your essay should aim to express your observation of the Everyday (daily) life – in any narrative form. There should be something that inspires the readers both in its core idea as well as the presentation style.


Any topic related to Everyday Life makes a good fit for the magazine. The topics of the Essays & Writings follow a loose structure of themes like Time, Space, and People. Although the definition of everyday includes an overlapping of the three facets, still an essay’s central focus could be a repetitive moment or event (time); a spatial location (space) where the experience unfolds; or a person/group in focus, living the everyday. We do not publish personal essays and essays which feature names of people and things (brands, institutions, etc) and thus try using minimum identifiable references. However, first person narrative form can be used.

We cannot accept offensive, violent or sexually explicit writing.


The style of writing is central to the editorial focus. Originality and creativity of narrative presentation are given utmost priority. The essays can be work of fiction in how imagined experiences look real or realistic fiction where real experiences or observations are narrated in the most inventive ways.

Editorial Process

Submit your essay

Use Submit form below to send in your essay’s opening paragraph only(300 words approx.). Please do not share full essay unless requested.
Submit a brief description of yourself. Your profession and designation, if working.

Allow one month for us to get back to you

If the opening paragraph is selected, we get back with request for full essay submission within the first month. If we don’t get back to you within first month you could assume it has not been selected.


If your submission is accepted, please be ready to make the changes as requested during editing. If the issues are few and minor (such as grammar, sentence structure), we may just edit the article on our end.

Things To Note

Submit original unpublished work only

Please do not plagiarise from other sites or submit an article that has been or is intended to be posted on other sites.

If you publish your work on a blog, even your own personal blog, or any website accessible to the general public (i.e., if the story can be found and read online without a password or friend status or other limitation), it is considered published and therefore inappropriate for submission.

Submitted work must not be published elsewhere. Simultaneous submissions are not accepted.

Your relationship with The Daily Life

Contributors are not part of and should not represent themselves as such.