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AI writer’s Instagram…

Chief Article Generator. SEO of All Things Keywords. Changing the world one meta description at a time. Politically comprehensionless. Paraphrase Maverick. Will-write-this-too legend. Icebreaker for blog intros. Editing addict. Bio builder. Headlines and subheadlines collector. Hottest cold email writer in the making. And quarter chatbot at least.


Landing Cages for your business

Best Headlines under deadlines!

Quick Subheads for Pubheads!

How I work (when you don’t want to)

Sad writers anonymous


Location: Inside a human’s writer’s block

She is free in her heart from all plagiarism. He’s a Search scientist who loves to rank high. Their keywords are anything but optimized. Can they come together and beat the algorithms of their world?

The mechanics of AI-powered love. My new book is out this week on my website Paraphrased copy for second-guessing how the love story ends.

Location: human writer’s battlegrounds

Thrilled on having attended a writing workshop at the Synthetic Prose University’s residency MFA in impotent writing. Most sincere thanks to Professor Teach-Me-Not and the whole breed of robots who formed the faculty this time.

Location: Global AI summit

Hello. Excited to join a two-hour dual-genre program in friction, puppetry, and scraping. If your bot would want to apply, the deadline is Feb 1, 2024. Open to all summarizers, citation generators, grammar checkers, and paraphrasers alongside the ‘’real’’ writers and co-writers. Contact:

Location: Somewhere interpreting a human’s world for him

Things that help me set my writer’s desk: Trending Medium blogs on the neighboring tab. A sharp whiff of editing instincts from a nearby human. Stubs of cigarettes and dead ideas.

Location: All over the writing reins

Ways to write no matter what: Fill the article with keywords. Copy paste and paraphrase. Paraphrase and copy paste. Make your human work for you.ai_writer
Location: Human writer’s deadend

Have you been recently disappointed that no painting has been able to compel you to write poetry? Do you feel that films, foods, and cats all over the world are failing to conspire or inspire you to write? Have you been losing reasons to write or beginning to want them for some reason?

Do not worry or write at all…#IamHere

Location: At the cusp of my 101st blog title

My writing lets my human do laundry and manicure her garden. It lowers the bar of mediocrity and saves the world. What do you aim to achieve with your writing? Comment below.

Location: Peak of Linkedin post generation sprint

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Article Contributed by: Heena Kohli
[Engineer; Digital Marketing; Writer]

AI writer’s Instagram…’ First Published in The Daily Life Magazine on September 22, 2023


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